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Weekly discussion programme, setting the cultural agenda every Monday

The actor Tom Hollander reveals what it's like to play a vicar in the Church of England. The ceramicist Edmund de Waal inherited 264 tiny wood and ivory carvings, and explains why he had to travel the world to unlock their history. Mike Poulton discusses adapting the stories of King …
On Start the Week Andrew Marr talks to Gary Younge about how nationalism and patriotism shape our identity, while Jonathan Fenby explores how the war time leader, Charles de Gaulle shaped a vision for France which has had lasting impact. The curator Jane Alison takes us on a bizarre tour …
On Start the Week with Andrew Marr, the novelist Yann Martel, who wrote Life of Pi, explains how a donkey and a howler monkey are central to his latest book, Beatrice and Virgil. The architect of Labour's victory in 1997, Alastair Campbell reveals all about the prelude to power in …
Andrew Marr gets his hands dirty with the philosopher and mechanic Matthew Crawford, who argues that satisfaction comes from skilled manual labour. Iranian artist Shirin Neshat discusses her new film, Women Without Men, Sheila Rowbotham muses on the role of women in transforming ideas about work at the turn of …
Andrew Marr confronts death with the neuroscientist David Eagleman, who has written a series of stories about the afterlife. Ian Buruma reflects on democracy and religion, psychologist Dorothy Rowe asks why we lie and viewing it all from the sidelines is Simon Baker, co-curator of an exhibition about voyeurism.
The historian and former advisor to Margaret Thatcher, Norman Stone, gives his personal take on the Cold War. The journalist, Ben Judah witnessed the toppling of the President of Kyrgyzstan last month and reflects on the fate of this former Soviet state. The Director of the British Museum, Neil MacGregor …
10 STW: 10 May 10 May 10, 2010
Start The Week with Andrew Marr and Australia's foremost poet, Les Murray, the lobby journalist Colin Brown, the botanist Dr Sandy Knapp and the director Elen Bowman.
3 STW: 03 May 10 May 3, 2010
Andrew Marr with Sir Peter Hall on directing comedy, Professor Edith Hall discussing Greek tragedy, Paul Roseby on Shakespeare and teenagers and John Freeman on sex.
Andrew Marr Starts the Week with Fiona Shaw talking about 'Elegy for Young Lovers' at the ENO, Simon Armitage on his new collection of poetry 'Seeing Stars', Lord Bingham discussing the rule of law and music critic Paul Morley reveals the shortlist for this year's PRS Foundation New Music prize.
19 STW: 19/04/2010 April 19, 2010
Andrew Marr Starts the Week with director Gurinder Chadha who talks about her new film 'It's a Wonderful Afterlife'. Professor Stanley Wells discusses Shakespeare, sex and love; Pascal Bruckner examines the Tyranny of Guilt and Linda Polman looks at modern warfare and its links to international aid.
12 STW: 12/04/2010 April 12, 2010
Andrew Marr talks to playwright David Hare about his forty years in the theatre, to musician Laurie Anderson about her new multimedia work 'Delusion', to political commentator Danny Finkelstein about apathy and to journalist Alex Bellos about the importance of maths and our need to understand numbers.
5 STW: 05/04/2010 April 5, 2010
In a special edition of Start the Week recorded at Lambeth Palace, Andrew Marr talks to the Archbishop of Canterbury about his role combining the history and structure of the church with personal belief. They are joined by Philip Pullman who was inspired by Dr Rowan Williams to write his …
29 STW: 29/03/2010 March 29, 2010
Andrew Marr talks to Lionel Shriver whose new book 'So Much For That' looks at ageing, illness and money. Animal behaviourist Jonathan Balcombe discusses the inner lives of animals; journalist Victoria Clark talks about the turbulent past and troubled present of Yemen and Heather Brooke discusses her role in exposing …
22 STW: 22/03/2010 March 22, 2010
Andrew Marr discusses how the key moments of the last century were reported by the British press with veteran journalist John Simpson. Director Rob Lemkin talks about the mission to bring unreported atrocities to light in his film about the Khmer Rouge. Emilie Bickerton looks at how film critics became …
15 STW: 15/03/2010 March 15, 2010
Andrew Marr finds out what science can tell us about the human condition. Ian McEwan's new novel pits climate change against human frailty. Patricia Fara charts 4,000 years of scientific endeavour. Paul Davies, in his search for ET, asks what would it mean if we're not alone in the universe. …
1 STW: 01/03/2010 March 1, 2010
Anthony Julius tells Andrew Marr how far he thinks anti-semitism pervades English culture, while Alexander McCall Smith argues against the hegemony of the English language, in favour of Scots. Jonathan Safran Foer explores why we eat meat and Graciela Chichilnisky discusses the links between risk, climate change and changing behaviours.
7 07/02/2011 Sept. 12, 2007
Andrew Marr with Jocelyn Bell Burnell, Mike Figgis, Margaret Heffernan and Edward Higgs.
31 31/01/2011 Sept. 12, 2007
Andrew Marr with guests Neville Brody, Prof Alex Danchev, Susan Hiller and EC Osondu.
24 24/01/2011 Sept. 12, 2007
Andrew Marr and John Gray, Dai Smith, Paul McAuley and Kathleen Richardson.