The English We Speak

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Every week, we look at a different everyday English phrase or piece of slang in this fun three-minute programme. From BBC World Service

Across Aug. 6, 2019
When is 'across' not a preposition?
Fat chance July 30, 2019
Learn an expression about likelihood.
Milk it July 23, 2019
A phrase about taking advantage of a situation to gain sympathy or respect
To cherry-pick July 16, 2019
We’ve picked the best phrase for you to learn!
Learn a phrase about working hard to get just what you want.
It's a small world July 2, 2019
Learn an expression about coincidences.
Vanish into thin air June 25, 2019
Learn an expression about disappearing
Get the short straw June 18, 2019
A phrase that sucks!
Soft skills June 11, 2019
These are job skills needed to deal with the public, and very much in demand.
Clever clogs May 28, 2019
Will wearing new shoes make Feifei more intelligent? Join her and Rob in this programme.
Couch surfing May 21, 2019
Looking for a sofa to sleep on? Learn a phrase to describe your actions.
Like riding a bike May 14, 2019
Learn an English expression about skills we never forget.
On fire May 7, 2019
Can you be on fire without any flames?
Dead April 23, 2019
If something is 'dead good' is that a positive or negative thing?
A phrase about being unhelpful.
When can going to the bank be funny? We've got a phrase that will leave you laughing.
The joke is on you April 2, 2019
Find out more about a seriously funny English phrase.
Keep a lid on it March 26, 2019
Learn the right English phrase about having to put a stop to something.
Here's a phrase about preventing someone from discovering something.
Learn an expression about experiencing bad things to enable you to enjoy good things.