The Flop House

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The Flop House is a comedy podcast devoted to the worst in recent film. Your hosts (Elliott Kalan, Dan McCoy, and Stuart Wellington) watch a questionable film, then engage in an unscripted discussion about the movie's shortcomings and occasional delights, while never being afraid of a pointless, silly digression or two hundred.

IMDb "goofs" from 90s films beloved and disdained.
Pauly Shore in the role his was born to play? A wooden child?
Stu runs an after-show for last week's episode, and the others are confused.
You know how Alien is a "haunted house movie in space?" How about if we did that LITERALLY?
It's Flop House wedding season!
Nothin' more exciting than gray!
FH Min 61 - Aquatic 80's Aug. 20, 2022
A trip through the aquatic 80's
We're LIVE again, talking about a LIVING vampire!
Stuart tries to explain JoJo's Bizarre Adventure to Dan and Elliott. Are they more confused afterward than they were at the beginning? Perhaps!
We get The Peeper, Ben Hosley from the Blank Check Podcast, to hang out with us and talk about Short Circuit 2.
Dan unearths a wild TV movie from the 90s and lets Elliott and Stu in on the fun.
What if you re-made a movie not just to make it worse, but to make it as boring as possible? We talk Firestarter!
More shenanigans.
We put our little grey cells to use, examining the Hercule Poirot mystery "Death on the Nile"
Dan brings down the house with his new game.
Ep. #372 - Old June 18, 2022
Take a trip in the Oldsmobile!
Elliott explains Night of the Juggler!
The Flop House gang take on one of last year's most reviled films, the period mermaid romantic fantasy, The King's Daughter.
In which Stuart wastes the time of his friends and an Academy Award-nominated filmmaker by asking us all about our favorite fruits, a food Elliott hates.
Ep. #370 - Moonfall May 21, 2022
Hey, what if, like, the moon... fell?