The Flop House

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The Flop House is a comedy podcast devoted to the worst in recent film. Your hosts (Elliott Kalan, Dan McCoy, and Stuart Wellington) watch a questionable film, then engage in an unscripted discussion about the movie's shortcomings and occasional delights, while never being afraid of a pointless, silly digression or two hundred.

Elliott asks Stu and Dan questions about video game movies in the form of a retro video game of the mind.
Elliott turns the podcast into his own little family business, by inviting his son Sammy along to help us discuss The Boss Baby: Family Business
We learn a little more about the hosts.
The gang has a LOT to say about Space Jam: A New Legacy. Too much? Who can say?
A little feed drop to let you know about our live show coming up.
FH Mini 35 - Moflopoly Aug. 7, 2021
Dan challenges Elliott and Stu to recall Flop House films past.
Jordan Morris, creator of the podcast-turned-graphic novel "Bubble" joins us for Cagemas in July!
Our new producer, Alex Smith, drops by to tell us all about Invitation to Hell
Beloved star of the show Hallie joins the Peaches to talk about Louise Linton's ultimate vanity project.
Elliott gives the Flop House boys a rundown on Marvel's little-loved Eternals, before their film debut.
Ep. #346 - Locked Down July 3, 2021
The Flop House boys discuss the lockdown drama Locked Down.
A real banger of an adventure tale from Dan McCoy, age 9.
Ep. #345 - Chaos Walking June 19, 2021
The Original Peaches take on the brand-new YA would-be blockbuster science fiction adventure, Chaos Walking.
Stuart takes us through the tangled plots and chronologies of the Saw horror movie series.
Naomi Ekperigin and Andy Beckerman, of the Couples' Therapy podcast, join the Original Peaches to discuss Mortal Kombat.
Elliott quizzes Dan and Stu about pets from movies and TV.
Matt Singer, editor of ScreenCrush, joins us to discuss Rob Reiner's infamous flop, North.
For our Max Fun Drive-ending mini, Stu collected some of your most burning questions, and we did our best to answer. Things get VERY silly.! THE COUNTRY GODDAMN BEARS!!!
Dan the game-master is back with another of his infernal quizzes -- this one focused on the delightful trash-heap that is Tubi.