The Flop House

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The Flop House is a comedy podcast devoted to the worst in recent film. Your hosts (Elliott Kalan, Dan McCoy, and Stuart Wellington) watch a questionable film, then engage in an unscripted discussion about the movie's shortcomings and occasional delights, while never being afraid of a pointless, silly digression or two hundred.

Creator of the excellent kaiju comic Kaijumax joins the Flop House gang to discuss Godzilla vs. Kong
Stuart gives a guided tour of the Hitmanaverse.
The gang inherits a haunted amusement park.
Snyder made some kind of cut?
FH Mini 26 - Oscar Noms March 20, 2021
Elliott gets us to talk about the Oscar nominations in the dumbest way possible.
Ep. #337 - Tom & Jerry March 13, 2021
Instead of dumping Tom and Jerry to HBO Max, should they have considered a dumpster?
Stuart leads Dan and Elliott in a quiz game, which -- to the untrained eye -- might seem to just be an excuse to do goofy shit and talk TV.
Glen Weldon of Pop Culture Happy Hour joins us to turn his super-expertise on 1984's "Supergirl."
Return to Goof Mountain!
The Peaches discuss Netflix's Oscar bait poverty porn, Hillbilly Elegy.
We talk with [Joel Church-Cooper](, creator of the show [Brockmire](, about what it's like to talk to actors about their less successful projects. Also, the Flop House VIRTUAL LIVE SHOW, is TONIGHT, Saturday, February 6th, at 9 pm Eastern! Just $10! Buy a ticket [HERE](! And if you want exclusive, …
Arnie Niekamp from Hello from the Magic Tavern drops by to talk about the long-troubled production, The New Mutants!
Elliott quizzes us about prequels. Does anybody like them? Why prequels? WHY?
It's back to the Original Peaches, discussing the latest blarney - Wild Mountain Thyme.
Stuart cracks the code to TV writing success, and gets some notes from his friends in the industry.
New live show announcement!
Ep. #332 - Primal Jan. 2, 2021
Josh Gondelman drops by The Flop House to celebrate this year's Cagemas movie, Primal, with the man himself, Nic Cage.
FH Mini #20 - Novel Tees Dec. 26, 2020
We devote this mini entirely to the most obvious topic for a show being released the day after Christmas -- Big Johnson T-shirts.
A romantic weepie from 1982 starring Dudley Moore and Mary Tyler Moore? Wait, what? C'mon.