The Flop House

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The Flop House is a comedy podcast devoted to the worst in recent film. Your hosts (Elliott Kalan, Dan McCoy, and Stuart Wellington) watch a questionable film, then engage in an unscripted discussion about the movie's shortcomings and occasional delights, while never being afraid of a pointless, silly digression or two hundred.

We watched Freaky and discussed it with Barbara freakin' Crampton!
We've stopped being stingy with the Flop House vault, and let our Godzilla: King of the Monsters show roam free!
Elliott gives us a report from the field about the Douglas Trumbull directorial effort Brainstorm!
Superstar podcaster and delightful friend Justin McElroy drops by to talk about Happy Halloween Scooby Doo, and dig a bit into the Scooby Doo ouvre.
Stuart reads a story he wrote as a kid.
We discuss Men In Black: International with Annabelle Gurwitch, from Max Fun's new Tiny Victories podcast.
A live commentary for the movie Bratz!
Mike Reiss and Ken Keeler, writers for The Simpsons and much more, join the Original Peaches to discuss Bobby "Boris" Pickett's masterpiece, The Monster Mash.
Bestselling author and acclaimed Screenwriter Gillian Flynn joins the boys for a Shocktober discussion of the mutant cat movie, Uninvited.
Dan challenges Stu and Elliott to a Jackie Chan-related duel.
The happiest time in the Flop House calendar is here! SHOCKTOBER, when we focus on SPOOOOOKY movies like Fantasy Island.
The gang discusses (the new, bad) Hellboy!
Ep. #323 - Deadly Lessons Sept. 26, 2020
Our month-long celebration of smaller films continues with the truly odd Deadly Lessons, starring Jon Voight's fake nose.
Noted Dune fan Tom Brokaw (at least in Flop House lore) breaks down the new trailer for Dune.
Ep. #322 - Money Plane Sept. 12, 2020
We're back to just The Original Peaches this time, to discuss 2020's VOD meme of choice, Money Plane.
FH Mini 14 - Goofs! Sept. 5, 2020
A little trivia game about IMDB Goofs.
The head of Max Fun himself joins The Flop House crew to talk about The Call of the Wild.
Stuart explains Warhammer to Dan and Elliott, and everything is 100% cleared up forever and ever.
Everyone's favorite guest is back! Hallie Haglund joins the Flop House crew to talk about Last Christmas!
Live from CitySpace in Boston! The Flop House gang discusses Alita: Battle Angel!