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#1443 - Jonathan Ward March 18, 2020
Jonathan Ward is the owner of ICON and a designer and creator of coach-built premium automobiles.
Shannon O'Loughlin is the Executive Director and attorney for the Association on American Indian Affairs, and she is also a citizen of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.
Joe is joined by Eddie Bravo, Bryan Callen & Brendan Schaub to watch the fights on March 14, 2020.
#1441 - Hugo Martin March 13, 2020
Hugo Martin is the creative director of Doom Eternal by id Software. Doom Eternal releases everywhere on all platforms on March 20, 2020.
#1440 - Fortune Feimster March 12, 2020
Fortune Feimster is an American writer, comedian, and actress. Check out her brand new special "Sweet & Salty" now streaming on Netflix. She can also be heard along with Tom Papa on "What A Joke" on the SiriusXM Netflix channel.
Joe sits down with UFC Featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski.
#1439 - Michael Osterholm March 10, 2020
Michael Osterholm is an internationally recognized expert in infectious disease epidemiology. He is Regents Professor, McKnight Presidential Endowed Chair in Public Health, the director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy...
#1438 - Andrew Santino March 6, 2020
Andrew Santino is a stand up comedian and actor. He will be in the new FXX show "Dave" starting on March 4, also available on Hulu. Check out his podcast “Whiskey Ginger” & also look for his new podcast with comedian Bobby Lee called "Bad...
#1437 - Stephen Dubner March 5, 2020
Stephen Dubner is an award-winning author, journalist, and podcast and radio host. He is co-author of the popular Freakonomics book series and host of Freakonomics Radio and podcast.
#1436 - Adam Curry March 4, 2020
Adam Curry is a podcaster, announcer, internet entrepreneur and media personality, known for his stint as VJ on MTV and being one of the first celebrities personally to create and administer Web sites. Check out his podcast "No Agenda" with new shows...
Suzanne Santo is a singer/songwriter currently touring the world. Her new album releases soon with the single "Fall For That" featuring Grammy award winner, Gary Clark Jr.
#1434 - Trevor Thompson Feb. 28, 2020
Trevor Thompson is a former Navy SEAL, B.A.S.E. jumper, cameraman and photographer.
#1433 - Michael Yo Feb. 27, 2020
Michael Yo is a stand up comedian. Look for him touring this year including March 6-7 Gotham Comedy Club in New York City.
#1432 - Aubrey de Grey Feb. 26, 2020
Aubrey de Grey is an English author and theoretician in the field of gerontology and the Chief Science Officer of the SENS Research Foundation.
#1431 - Owen Smith Feb. 25, 2020
Owen Smith is a comedian, writer, actor and television producer.
Joe is joined by Eddie Bravo, Bryan Callen & Brendan Schaub to watch the fights on February 22, 2020.
#1430 - Raghunath Cappo Feb. 21, 2020
Raghunath Cappo was the vocalist for punk bands Youth of Today and Shelter, and after living as a monk is now a yoga teacher and is the host of the "Wisdom of the Sages" podcast.
#1429 - Colin O'Brady Feb. 20, 2020
Colin O'Brady is a professional endurance athlete, motivational speaker and adventurer. His new book "The Impossible First" documents his adventure as the first person in the world to travel across Antarctica unassisted.
#1428 - Brian Greene Feb. 19, 2020
Brian Greene is a theoretical physicist, mathematician, and string theorist. He has been a professor at Columbia University since 1996 and chairman of the World Science Festival since co-founding it in 2008. His new book "Until the End of Time" is now...
Joe is joined by UFC strawweight fighter Angela Hill.