The Life Scientific

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Professor Jim Al-Khalili talks to leading scientists about their life and work, finding out what inspires them and asking what their discoveries might do for us in the future.

Why images are more powerful than words in shaping how we think and feel.
A geo-archaeologist digs down to enrich our knowledge of ancient Egypt and beyond.
Turning microbes into living factories.
Sir Martin Landray on how he discovered the drugs for Covid-19 with the RECOVERY Trial.
A self-confessed physics fundamentalist decodes reality.
When does a waggle dance become a tremble dance?
How does a person with anorexia nervosa think? Jacinta Tan talks to Jim Al- Khalili.
Restore peat bogs to mitigate climate change and improve bio-diversity.
Why politics needs more scientists and engineers.
From sewage treatment to Crossrail, engineer Ailie MacAdam talks to Jim Al- Khalili.
What can bones tell us about evolution, behaviour and extinction?
How did mammals come to dominate our planet? Prof Steve Brusatte talks to Jim Al-Khalili.
The man who found a way to decode DNA at speed.
Can we trust our memories of events? Julia Shaw talks to Jim Al-Khalili.
Leading the UK's hunt for new and dangerous Covid-19 variants.
What makes meerkats so cooperative and why do sons cost mothers more than daughters?
Professor Tim Spector on fuelling gut microbes for long term health.
Science and our future
Jim Al-Khalili and distinguished guests reflect on ten years of The Life Scientific.
Hannah Cloke talks to Jim Al-Khalili about predicting this summer's serious floods.