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Answers to your tech questions for your Apple devices and beyond. Dave Hamilton and John F. Braun come together weekly to answer your questions and discuss things of interest to Apple and Mac geeks, yet present them in a way that's both entertaining and informative for the average listener.

Geeking FAR OUT with Apple's Event — Mac Geek Gab 945 episode imageApple held its “Far Out” event today and John, Pete, and Dave are here to share their reactions to the new iPhones…and more! Chapters/Timestamps/Stuff mentioned: 00:00:00 Mac Geek Gab 945 for Wednesday, September 7, 2022 The MGG Discord Server is Live! The MGG Merch Store is Live! 00:03:59 iPhone 14 […]


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Do you find productivity monitoring software creepy? Of course you do! But how about if you use it on yourself? If you’d rather just monitor the weather, your three favorite geeks (and fellow MGG listeners) have answers for you. That’s not all,
Learn how to ensure your Wi-Fi is always on at home, how to see your Apple Watch’s charge status, how to find unread messages, how to troubleshoot application permissions on your Mac, and how to avoid unsolicited AirDrop Requests with John, Dave,
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Our TVs have become more and more complex over the years, and more and more integrated with the rest of our computing lives. Listen as John and Dave talk about John’s new TV and what changes that inflicts upon his existing setup. That’s not all,
By The Way, Alexa Aug. 8, 2022
Want a quick way to send the same iMessage to another person? How about customizing the icons of your PDFs? Quick Tips are your friends, and John, Dave, and Pilot Pete have plenty for you this week. That’s not all, though!
Socket 939 Aug. 1, 2022
Don’t get caught using—and losing—your Google Authenticator data. Do get caught solving your Apple TV syncing issues…and Contact Duplication…and so, so much more. Listen as John and Dave share your tips and answer your questions to ensure you learn at ...
Did you know that “Optimize Charging” actually charges your iPhone more slowly? How about the *best* place to put your AirTag when traveling? What about the Hamilton Maneuver? These, and more, are among the five new things you’re guaranteed to learn in...
Did you know you can choose specific windows in your Mac’s Cmd-Tab app- switcher? How about an easy—and automatic—way of connecting to your home devices while traveling? Do you keep AirTags in your luggage? And…would you buy an iMac Studio?
Did you ever want to pin a tab inside a Tab Group? How about using your Mac as a power bank? Want a refurb Mac Studio? Today’s your lucky day, and that’s just the start of the show! John and Dave share Quick Tips to get things rolling and then …
Leaf Out, Man July 4, 2022
Wanna sync multiple folders amongst all your Macs, rename your Bluetooth devices, keep your Mac awake? Dave, John, and Pilot Pete have you covered! Also: are your meetings “virtual” or “remote”? Your three favorite geeks help you figure that out, too.
Did you know that macOS will tell you which Wi-Fi channel you should use on your router? How about that you can type in specific start and end times for iPhone calendar appointments? How about seeing the wireless charging draw of your iPhone?
What are your thoughts on backup internet connections, programming NFC tags, expiration dates on consumer products, DACs for your devices, and more? If you don’t have any of these yet, you will once you listen because these are just a few of the tangen...
Happy Birthday to us all! It’s true… 17 years ago today (to the day!) John and Dave released the first Mac Geek Gab episode (called “TMO To Go”) and Pilot Pete joined not to long afterwards. It’s been 17 years of answering your questions,
Apple’s WWDC conference is this week, with a slew of new announcements for both Developers and end users alike. Listen as John, Dave, and Pilot Pete share their initial reactions to Apple’s latest news, digging in to provide some context as only your t...
Jiggle Mode Galore May 30, 2022
Dave’s been testing the new Synology RT6600ax router and has some “first look” thoughts to share. He, John, and Pete continue by answering your questions about mesh networks, VLANs, IoT devices, and more. Cool Stuff Found this week includes places to f...
What are the differences between Qi and MagSafe? Listen as your three favorite geeks talk through all this and more. Split screen, searching in Messages, finding hidden drafts in Mail, and Google resuming free GSuite access are just a few of the topics...
A Synology Geek Gab May 16, 2022
Synology’s DiskStations are a popular item amongst all of us here in the MGG Family, listeners and hosts all included! Listen today as guest Jeff Gamet makes a hasty return to join John F. Braun, Dave Hamilton,
Quick Tips for keyboard shortcuts, viewing messages, and speed tests are just the first segment of this week’s episode. Listen as John, Dave, and Pilot Pete navigate you through understanding managing the Finder sidebar, tweaking your batteries,
Bob “Dr. Mac” LeVitus joins your two favorite geeks this week to talk Apple’s Self Service repairs, Keyboard Shortcuts, Screen Layout, and Twinkly lights! Of course, John and Dave make sure to keep things on the rails with your favorite Quick Tips and ...