SPI 598: How to Run a Business as a Couple with Finley Robinson July 29, 2022

from The Smart Passive Income Online Business and Blogging Podcast·

598 It’s becoming more common to see couples not just starting a family but also starting businesses together. But is going into business with your spouse or partner a good idea? Finley Robinson is taking over the show today to talk about his experience working with his wife, Brooke. They run B•TRIBAL•FIT together, and Finley has come up with a three-point process for couples considering this kind of lifestyle: simplifying your priorities, having the discipline to stay in your lane, and finding your own balancing act. You’ll get an in-depth exploration of each of these points in this episode. Finely …

Finley Robinson is on the show today to discuss the Dos and Don'ts of going into business with your spouse.