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Washington has announced it will provide almost $3 billion in security assistance.
Inflation, food insecurity and an energy crisis have worsened since the start of the war
Former head of security alleges Twitter has major security problems.
A made-in-India iPhone? Aug. 23, 2022
As China struggles with power cuts and lockdowns, the tech gap with India seems to narrow
China is offering special loans to combat the country’s housing crisis.
The Yangtze, the country's main waterway, shrinks amid severe heatwaves and droughts
Shares of the second largest cinema chain plummet by 80%
There's desperation to save energy in China as temperatures rise and river levels fall.
Negotiations will focus on easing barriers in areas such as e-commerce and agriculture
China issues a further warning after Taipei and Washington announce negotiations.
The US Federal Reserve say rates will continue to go up in the short term.
Rising prices are affecting consumers worldwide, but there's disagreement over solutions.
Chinese tech giants have shared details of their algorithms for the first time.
Raila Odinga is speaking publicly for the first time since his defeat
Kenya's new leader has been announced amid scenes of chaos and confusion
China cuts its benchmark interest rate to 2.75%.
People in the US are spending more than earlier in the year.
South Korea has pardoned the 'Samsung Prince' Lee Jae-yong
A judge must now decide if it's in the public interest to release the confidential file
South Africa and the EU reach a deal over tonnes of fruit stranded in European ports