Publisher Services offers several services for podcast publishers.


You can place your podcast on the frontpage of to promote your podcast. Users of the gPodder client will also find your podcast as the first item in the list of example podcast.

You can find additional details on the advertisement page.

Publisher Pages

On the Publisher Pages you can find valuable information about the Podcasts published by you.

The Publisher Pages are currently in Beta, but if you are publishing a podcast listed on, feel free to apply by sending a mail with

  • your username on (register if you don't have one)
  • the name and URL of the podcast you are publishing
  • an email address that is visible somewhere on the podcast's website (to legitimate you)

If you already are registered as a publisher, please login.

Link to

If you link to from your website, you can make it really easy for your visitors to subscribe to your podcast - especially for users of mobile phones.