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We meet a mother who co-founded a biotech firm to find drugs for untreatable illnesses.
Why electric vehicles mean we will barely need to stop at service stations at all
An interview recorded with the famous Kenyan fossil hunter shortly before he died.
Jane Goodall challenges us to find a zero-carbon path out of extreme poverty
We follow the international flower supply chain from East Africa to Amsterdam and beyond.
Business Weekly Jan. 1, 2022
Staff shortages mount as Omicron spreads
Cocktail trends 2022 Dec. 31, 2021
Shaken or stirred? We explore the cocktail trends that could be coming to a bar near you
We hear from two women challenging the fashion industry in two very different ways.
Men and cosmetic surgery Dec. 29, 2021
More men have considered cosmetic treatments during the pandemic
The business of space is hotter than ever, but at what cost?
Harry Potter is one of the most successful book and film franchises in history
Business Weekly Dec. 25, 2021
Gas prices soar across Europe
What will be left of human civilisation in the geological record 100 million years hence?
The new variant poses a threat to China's hitherto successful zero-Covid strategy
2021 has seen some extraordinary economic changes
The World Bank says this could cost the global economy $17 trillion
End of the roads Dec. 20, 2021
Austria and Wales reconsider plans to expand their road networks to curb pollution.
Business Weekly Dec. 18, 2021
Turkey’s interest rate slashed, despite sharp inflation
High risk investing Dec. 17, 2021
Why has it become so popular for millions of young people?
The value of the lira has plunged by nearly half this year