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5 Live's science podcast, featuring Dr Chris and Naked Scientists with the hottest science news stories and analysis.

As the government moves to Plan B - what actually happens when you catch the new variant?
This week, your Christmas science questions and a sprinkling of festive fun!
Covid, NASA, and Wood! Nov. 28, 2021
We investigate Covid cases across Europe, and NASA crashing into an asteroid!
Climate Change and Covid Nov. 21, 2021
As pressure on the NHS intensifies, are Covid vaccine passports on the cards?
This week, it's Q&A; time with the team!
Behind the scenes of COP-26, and the science of spiders.
With high numbers of Covid cases, should the government impose Plan B now?
Harry Lewis and the panel tackle the science questions you've been sending in.
All The Small Things Oct. 17, 2021
Science news and we delve into the particles that make up the Universe.
Supply Chain Reaction Oct. 10, 2021
Science news, plus a special look at global supply chains, and how they're distrupted.
Menopause for thought Oct. 3, 2021
Science news and a special look at the menopause.
It's Q&A; time this week as we answer your question and what is causing the CO2 shortage.
It's Q&A; time this week as we answer your question and what is causing the CO2 shortage.
AI vs Sepsis Sept. 19, 2021
Science news and how artificial intelligence could help manage sepsis.
What is covid immunity? Sept. 12, 2021
Dr Chris Smith with science news. And what does immunity to Covid-19 really mean?
Long Covid Sept. 5, 2021
Dr Chris Smith and the Naked Scientists science news, and a look at long covid.
The Naked Scientist team takes a deep dive into the world of carbon sequestration.
The Naked Scientist panel answer your science questions.
Dr Chris Smith and the team look at whether incentives will boost Covid vaccine uptake.
Dr Chris Smith and the Naked Scientist look at the electric vehicle revolution.