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Elon Musk gave satellite internet terminals to Ukraine and Tonga, but does it work?
Why whales matter April 19, 2022
Can baleen whales rebound from near extinction and help revive ocean life?
Are face-to-face grillings a thing of the past?
The chocolate islands April 15, 2022
São Tomé and Príncipe was once the world’s biggest cocoa exporter. What happened?
Greg Hoffman, former Nike CMO, tells us how the ad with Colin Kaepernick came about.
Sri Lanka's debt crisis April 13, 2022
Why is Sri Lanka facing its biggest economic crisis for decades?
The two nationalities make up 15% of ship workers globally. So what now there's a war on?
Lebanon's wheat crisis April 11, 2022
People in Lebanon struggle to buy bread as prices soar and Ukraine wheat imports dry up.
We visit the German town where the Nord Stream pipelines end. But will gas keep flowing?
As France prepares to elect it's President, we ask why many young people are out of work.
Tech entrepreneurs are developing software to help Ukrainians stay safe.
We speak to tourism operators in Queensland now international borders are open again
The aid trail to Ukraine April 4, 2022
People are donating by the lorry load, but is it better to give goods or money?
Why are so many Russians choosing to leave? And what will it mean for its economy?
We look into the secretive Wagner Group's history of violence in Africa
Australia is pushing ahead with new natural gas projects, but critics are fighting back.
We hear from the people using the technology in medicine in Sweden, Uganda and the UK.
AI, data analytics and drone surveillance are shaping refugees' futures
The cost of growing food March 28, 2022
Global fertiliser prices are at record highs, as supplies from Russia begin to dry up
Pacific workers are raising concerns about exploitation in Australian labour schemes