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UK businesses give their reaction to Liz Truss becoming Prime Minister and party leader
Liz Truss will officially become the UK Prime Minister on Tuesday.
Russian energy giant Gazprom has indefinitely suspended gas supplies to Europe
US jobs growth continues Sept. 2, 2022
As US job figures increase again, we ask what this could mean for the country's economy.
The US dollar is reaching highs against currencies in emerging and developed countries
The IMF has provisionally agreed a $2.9 billion deal to save the nation from collapse.
Russia turns off the gas Aug. 31, 2022
EU leaders fear gas prices may rise as Russia pause the Nord Stream pipeline for repairs.
The leader of the Communist Party is expected to renew his rule for another five years
With a third of the country under water, the government seeks international help
EU leaders are calling for a cap on the price of gas to tackle spiralling costs
Feds chair Jerome Powell warned of “some pain” ahead in the fight against inflation
Markets react to Jerome Powell's message to the world's central bankers
GDP in the US has fallen at a rate of 0.6%.
The government will spend a further $146bn to boost growth
Washington has announced it will provide almost $3 billion in security assistance.
Inflation, food insecurity and an energy crisis have worsened since the start of the war
Former head of security alleges Twitter has major security problems.
A made-in-India iPhone? Aug. 23, 2022
As China struggles with power cuts and lockdowns, the tech gap with India seems to narrow
China is offering special loans to combat the country’s housing crisis.
The Yangtze, the country's main waterway, shrinks amid severe heatwaves and droughts