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Programme examining the ideas and forces which shape public policy in Britain and abroad, presented by distinguished writers, journalists and academics.

How should the authorities, MI5 and the public perceive and respond to the threat?
Can computer algorithms predict and even prevent future crime?
Simon Jack investigates whether the UK should be an early adopter of green technology.
The Real Gender Pay Gap June 10, 2019
Women are paid less than men and do more unpaid work. What's going on and can we fix it?
Maintenance June 3, 2019
Why better maintenance is one of the most urgent and creative challenges we face.
Shahidha Bari explores the changing landscape of modern love.
Will competition between China and the United States inevitably lead to military conflict?
Will human actions result in the demise of huge numbers of other species?
What is the chance of the human race surviving the 21st century?
Deliberative Democracy March 4, 2019
Could assemblies of ordinary citizens help heal our political divides?
Irish Questions Feb. 25, 2019
Have British politics been more shaped by Irish history than most MPs are ready to admit?
Fair Exchange? Feb. 18, 2019
Does a falling currency help or harm the economy?
Conspiracy Politics Feb. 11, 2019
Are we living in a golden age of political conspiracy theories?
Does being born to non-married parents affect a child's prospects in life?
The War for Normal Jan. 28, 2019
How influencers are trying - and succeeding - in changing our world views
America's Friends Jan. 14, 2019
Jim Naughtie examines what the Trump presidency means for America's old European allies.
Republican insider Ron Christie on how Donald Trump's presidency has changed his party.
The Next Crash Nov. 19, 2018
What could cause a future financial crash? Ian Goldin investigates.
The Replication Crisis Nov. 12, 2018
Many key findings of psychological research are under question. What's going on?
How many democracies around the world are gradually being dismantled